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Feeling stuck? In a life transition? Unsure of your true passions and purpose? Not sure where to start but know you need to make a change and are ready to create the life you desire?
We can help!

Our Coaching is for people who are looking for support as they navigate challenges at work or home. We work with you to uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits, and patterns of thinking that prevent you from living the life you desire.

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What We Do

Mindfulness Maintenance

In our 8 session, we learn to shift from doing mode into being mode. The ‘doing mode’ is a script dictated by stories, thinking, oriented towards past or future, automatic pilot and reactions or impulses that run in the background non stop often without us knowing. The‘Being mode’  centers us in the here and now, with non-judgment, openness, curiosity, and compassion. 
Preoccupied with past events or future possibilities causes us to not pay attention, or be aware in the present-moment.  Learning to be aware involves non-judgment; for the most part, most of our daily awareness is clouded by countless judgments and evaluations that can have a negative impact on well-being.
Mindfulness Maintenance will help you become aware of these judgments, and barriers  helping you to recognize the flow of thoughts and emotions that run your life.Transformative changes happen throughout the program and practice is non negotiable.Are you ready to change?​​

Self Mastery Coaching

Self Mastery Coaching is an approach that helps you improve your self talk, change your perception, get rid of old habits, and take action to redirect your path.  This course is taylored to meet your needs. We work with the Human Spirit to gain deep insight and understanding of the way you think and what you believe, and apply techniques designed to shift perception, change patterns and therefore change how you show up in the world. We give unbiased feedback and a customized approach unique to your needs that we hope will inspire the creative potential in you. We help you get clear about what you truly want. We come up with and create an agreed upon action plan to make it happen.​

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